The History that gets taught in school is typically your country’s greatest hits. If your country has any kind of colonial past, you probably also learned a bit about the colonizing country as well.

Over a decade ago, I realized I had almost no idea what happened in Europe between the fall of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance. About 1000 years of absolute blankness. So I started reading. And then I wondered where the Goths came from and why they suddenly started invading the Roman Empire in the first place. And whatever happened to the Mongols after Genghis Khan died? And how did African (and why African?) slavery get its start in the Western Hemisphere? And so on.

Unfortunately, peoples that get absorbed or annihilated don’t get written about much. Yet many were fascinating in their own right, and have a shadowy but undeniable effect on the shape of our world today. So do a lot of non-human factors. I spend a lot of my free time exploring these lesser-known veins of human history and figuring out how they come together. So you can interpret “seams” in either the mining or the sewing sense.

This blog is mostly my notebook for keeping track of the connection points I come across, along with various Fun Facts. My historical interests are geographically broad, but mostly pre-Modern–let’s say pre-18th century.

I welcome you to follow along, and to provide additional information or color commentary of your own.